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Required Readings how to get students to read 32 articles per semester

One of the hardest things that I found was to get students to read the textbook or articles for class. I knew that they need to understand the material to comprehend what I was talking about during class, but they would readily admit that they had not read the articles before class and it did not...


Why should you make an attempt to teach smarter not harder?

Because if you don’t then you will kill off brain cells every time you lecture, yours and your students for no good reason.If you suspect that you students aren’t learning, probably based on test scores and the “awful” papers they turn in then it is time to start teaching smarter not harder...


Yes I am a "hard" teacher!

Students often tell me I am the hardest instructor. "What constitutes hard"? Students can define a "hard" class as anything other than requiring them to sit in a comfortable chair in a lovely classroom and listen and nod their head respectfully to whatever information you present! And once in a...